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A homework about a special experience in the summer holidays:

A friend told me about a special day in her holiday
I wondered, if she´d tell me, that she painted her room purple, it doesn´t matter what others say

No, her room is still white. It was about a movie.
I thought, that her holidays hadn´t been this groovy.
She told me the title: `Pirates of the Caribbean 2´
As romantic, as she´s, she added: "The film is set on the ocean, which color an amazing blue."

I looked at her in disbelief, asked her if this was the best. Because when she must have had boring holidays.
She just shrugged and asked me: "Spending a day with friends, aren´t this days the best?"

We will survive

The sun is blazing mercyless on our burned skin
Tortured by hunger and thirst we are getting thin
But the nature can´t catch our breath
We will fight for our lifes to death

All we got left is hope
And it has an effect to us like dope
We will survive, this attitude
Makes us lion-heartedness and fortitude

We will spend the hole night singing
And if we go down, we go down swinging
The sun will raise up soon
And help will come for sure, maybe in the afternoon?

(written by: Franzi B. and me)

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